New sources of potential and perspective

The future is which way the wind blows.

For institutional investors in particular, the expansion of renewable energies offers interesting investment opportunities: Power plant projects with onshore wind power are, in addition to our solar farms, likewise highly attractive due to long-term stable cash flows, high revenue security and a holding period of decades.

The current portfolio of the CEE Group in the wind energy sector covers wind farm assets in Germany, France and Sweden. Our experienced and specialised team successfully invests in this technologically mature and efficient energy source and, therefore, contributes for many years to the global energy transition.

The current wind portfolio of the CEE Group

42 Onshore wind farms

€1,010 million investment volume

1,122,000 MWh Green energy through wind power

560,000 tonnes of CO2 saved

Our wind power projects
Windfarm Bertholen, Frankreich
Windfarm Gilmerdingen, Niedersachsen
Windfarm Lohkamp, Niedersachsen
Windfarm Westerengel, Thüringen
Windfarm Nonnweiler, Saarland
Windfarm Kuhbett, Hessen