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Operational management & optimisation

The consistent optimisation of our assets in operation.

CEE Group investors benefit from the seamless transition from the acquisition to the operation of the projects. Our asset managers accompany the projects as of the beginning of the due diligence. This means that we can begin with the dedicated analysis of our assets as part of the acquisition and start optimising the projects as soon as the assets are taken over.


Ongoing optimisation of returns on existing assets, best-practice management and performance-oriented operational management.

The CEE Group has an experienced and interdisciplinary team of asset managers who take over the ongoing management of all wind and solar farms. This enables us to evaluate both the commercial and the technical aspects and to plan and implement measures for optimisation, i.e. for a sustainable increase in the performance of the assets. Our teams are supported in their daily work by innovative and highly digitised management systems. This allows us to process even complex facts and information quickly, safely, reliably, efficiently and effectively and to convert them into action.

The cornerstones of our approach

Continuous optimisation of yields

Our competent team of electrical technicians and engineers optimises the technical performance of our assets during operation. In this respect, our measures go well beyond the market standard:

  • Regular special inspections with focus on asset security and yield optimisation
  • Autarkic irradiation sensor technology for exact optimisation analyses
  • Autonomous metering with digital smart metres
  • Own control room and 24/7 monitoring
  • Extensive re-powering experience
Portfolio & economies of scale
Optimising operating costs is part of our DNA. In regular tenders, we make use of the CEE Group’s own large portfolio and leverage synergies, as well as its economies of scale. Particularly for service provider contracts, we are able to negotiate advantageous conditions due to the size of the portfolio and, therefore, continuously optimise the return on the projects. Whether it’s insurance, purchasing your own electricity or direct marketing conditions: Through our consistent portfolio approach, we reduce the operating costs of the assets.
Certified management systems & Innovative digital tools

In managing and operating our assets, we rely on standardised, proven management systems certified in accordance with ISO 45001 and ISO 27001.

Whether specialised risk management or process-driven transaction and contract management on our 360° Asset Management Platform, our investors see us as the market leader in the operational management of renewable energy assets. This is also due to the fact that we have consistently driven digitalisation forward and are creating real added value with numerous innovative solutions.

From a look at the key figures of the entire portfolio in clearly designed Management Cockpits to the smallest detail of individual components, e.g. in inverter “heat maps” or in the mobile maintenance apps of our technicians: The data converge centrally at the CEE Group for maximum availability and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Optimising and increasing the value of our assets during operation is part of our DNA.

Christian Bertsch-Engel, Chief Operations Officer, CEE Group

Certificates and association memberships

A highly qualified team optimises your assets!

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